Jeremy (dergerm) wrote,

You guys... Tonight has been a crazy night. A lot of stuff happened, a number of things DIDN'T happen, but it has been a fucking amazing night none the less.

The MAIN thing that occurred? I did my FIRST OPEN MIC. Finally. I fucking killed it, you guys. You can hear my shoddily recorded set here:

My friend Kyle who was co-hosting the show came on stage after my set and said "Believe it or not you guys, that was his first time doing stand up." That got a lot of stunned reactions, and a fist bump from another comic. I had a few people come up to me after the show and tell me they thought I was funny, and that they were surprised it was my first time. I seemed so natural.

There's more to say, good and not so great, but I'm tired so I'll leave it for tomorrow. But for now? Listen! LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!
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