Jeremy (dergerm) wrote,

My life, you guys. I know I complain and whine and bitch and moan (in that order) a lot on here, but a lot of really AWESOME stuff happens to me with surprising regularity. I've come to realize about myself is that I tend to shrug off the good stuff more, and focus on the negative. I'm not alone there, but still, check this shit out:

I wrote a paper today for my editing class on the half-horror, half-documentary style movie Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, talking about the duality of film styles going on in the movie. By all accounts, it was probably the shittiest, most half-assed paper I have written in my long college career. Shit, I didn't even know how to end it so I just said fuck it, typed "HOORAY!" and called it a day. I then posted about this on twitter, tagging the @LeslieVernon twitter account because why the fuck not.

Well, now the director of the movie, Scott Glosserman, wants to read my paper. WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

I have written a ton of what I'd consider really great papers in my day, on all kinds of subjects. This one? This is not among those great papers. Great papers include my 25 page paper for a sociology class on the correlation between alternative rock music and sexual/gender identity which my teacher pushed emphatically for me to turn into a full on book and was also used at least three times I'm aware of as citation for other friends own research papers, one of whom was in GRAD SCHOOL at the time (I was in community college); and a paper for a psychology class on sexual fetishism that I found out semesters later that my teacher still held up as a god example of a well-written project (which, incidentally, I did the night before). I am not too shabby with the writing thingy, y'know? This paper is funny in my opinion, but definitely not of high quality.

Before I leave, let me list a few other really cool things that have happened in recent history that I have really not been sharing with many people, even in real life:

- Wil Wheaton came into the law office I work for because we're doing something for he and his wife, and as he was leaving pointed enthusiastically at my Nerdist shirt and proclaimed "That's my friends company's shirt! I'm gonna go and tell him about this!" and high stepped (but seriously) away. I got very red in the face and tried to subdue my nerdgasm.

- I have spent time with Donald Glover, Tom Wilson (aka: Biff), Mark Maron, Todd Glass, Jonah Ray, and a plethora of comedians I have admired for a long time, as well as comedians I have come to admire recently.

- I recently applied for jobs at E! and G4 using references from on-air personalities and producers for shows on each channel, because they like me.

- I am working on a documentary on the alternative comedy scene that is REALLY HAPPENING, YOU GUYS.

- I have started doing stand up myself finally, and I am actually making people laugh. I am kinda okay at this, which is awesome. I will bomb eventually, probably sooner rather than later, but I can honestly say it won't stop me.

- A few months back I met Kerry O'Quinn of Starlog and Fangoria magazine and got to talking. I have an official invite to his birthday party, which is incidentally the same date as mine, which he plans on holding at Nichelle Nichols' (Uhura, y'all) house.

There are other things, but those are some highlights I thought were worth mentioning. Hooray!
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